Rishabh Inverter

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Natural Cooling (fan-less)

  • No Cooling fans = no maintenance forever
  • Operation from -20°C to +60°C Ambient
  • Especially suited for dusty Indian Conditions

In-built DC Fuses & string fault detection

  • Fuses on both poles (+/-) of each string
  • Current sensor for each string

In-built DC disconnection switch

  •  Integrated DC disconnection switch

Integrated Protection

  • Over temperature protection
  • Over current protection
  • DC and AC Overvoltage protection

Integrated data-storage

  • Internal storage of energy generation data up to 10 years

Widescreen Display

  • Additional LED indications for status/alarm warning
  • The large Graphical display gives an instantaneous view of all the relevant information

Integrated Input/Output

  • 3 Analogue inputs for environmental sensors
  • 2 Digital inputs (24V)
  • 2 Digital outputs (24V)

Communication Interface

  • 2 independent RS485 ports
  •  USB port

Evotar Technologies is the authorized distributor of Radius inverter by Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. They are Solar Inverter manufacturer and supplier in India and have acquired the solar string inverter technology from GEFRAN S.p.A.

Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian multi-national with its core competence in manufacturing, design and development of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products. They partnered with the best global brands and gained tremendous mileage through technology transfers and now do indigenous in-house R&D with a team of more than 80 engineers.

Rishabh is one of the few companies who makes the inverters in India and having the upper hand beside the other companies who are facing the price increment by 10 to 15 % as they are not made in India. 

No Service cost for 10 Years.
Best suitable for “Small Scale Distributed Solar Project of 500KW to 4MW”.


The RADIUS range of PV inverters represents the most advanced technology in the sector for controlling state-of-the-art industrial and civil PV plants. Maximum energy efficency, long-term relibility, plant monitoring and high-level professional service are the cornerstones of the RADIUS range.

  • Fan less inverter for natural cooling.
  • Graphical LCD display.
  • IP65 for outdoor mounting.
  • In-build memory to store energy data up to 10 years.
  • In-built string level monitoring for each string.
  • In-built DC disconnection Switch.
  • Advanced 3-level IGBT switching.
  • In-built fuse protection for each positive and negative line of each string.
  • Full power upto 50 °C without any derating & opration upto 60 °C.

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