Solar EPC Commercial & Industrial

Industrial and Commercial Solar Rooftop

India is one the fastest growing economies in the world. While our country is making fast industrial growth, the industries responsible for this growth are often found struggling to keep themselves operational due to their dependence on electricity.

Solar Energy has a unique distinction of generating energy at the point of consumption and very efficiently at that. It provides us an opportunity to generate power required for our offices or industry, by installing solar panels on the empty rooftops, sheds or commercial buildings.

The one who feels responsible are looking for sustainable alternatives to reduce their huge electricity bill

There is a great opportunity to bring down the overall energy cost for the company. With prices of solar power plant having come down drastically, the return on investment on the power generating equipment is as early as 4-5 years.

The installations can be done of Sheet roofs and RCC roofs depending on the area available. Solar panels can be installed without affecting the underlying sheet roofing using non-penetrating clamps. Similarly, for RCC, the installation will be done without grouting or drilling directly on to the slab. Hence the installation of solar panels will not create any problem on your basic infrastructure.